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Business drama over, its time for some football

‘Finally!’ – That was the one word which was on every Reds fan’s mind yesterday.
October 15th, 2010 – A date which could be the turning point in the history of one of the greatest football clubs of Europe.
New England Sports Venture – New American owners of Liverpool which will have to work hard to live up to a lot of expectations.

The long running saga of Liverpool FC takeover finally came to a conclusion yesterday. This tale had all the makings of a bestseller. It had all the elements: Mighty rich businessmen from America, a powerful bank of Europe, one of the world famous sports clubs, a hugely passionate group of fans, court cases running across the Atlantic and of course greed, power, ego and money!

With NESV paying off all debts to RSB and taking control from the yank pair of Tom Hicks and George Gillett, the Reds fans sighed a breathe of relief. Although, whether another American owner will understand the nuances of successfully running an English football club remains to be seen. NESV has an impressive background as the organization which turned around the fortune of Boston Red Sox and ended the curse of the Bombino(for the unaware, Red Sox sold the greatest ever baseball player Babe Ruth to New York Yankees in 1918 and never won the world series again until the 2004 season, 2 years after NESV became the new owners of the club). All the Liverpool fans will be expecting nothing less of the new owners. But given Liverpool’s current situation it seems a herculean task at the moment. NESV will definitely not splurge money like the Sheikh at the helms of Man City because they know its not going to help much. What Liverpool needs is a complete rebuild under a capable manager. The current manager Roy Hodgson who took over the job only 3 months back certainly not made it easy for himself by applying extremely defensive tactics on the pitch which resulted in club’s worst start to a season in 57 years. He is a good manager but certainly lacks the skills to manage a big club. Top clubs usually rely on a more attacking strategy to win the games and remain on the top. Loss of Xabi Alonso and Macherano in last two seasons has not made it easier as well with Liverpool’s midfield being one of the weakest in a long time. Lack of a supporting striker for El Nino and a his own poor form is also a major concern.

It is expected that NESV will be providing a higher than average budget for January transfer window. Hodgson(or his replacement in case he is sacked) will be looking for a left back, a quality playmaker in the midfield and a proven striker to join the ranks but it seems unlikely that he will get budget for all three signings. It seems more probable that he might get around £20-25m for a striker and another £15-20m for a midfielder in this transfer window and a promise for more money during next year’s summer.

In any case, it seems that there will be a lot of changes at the Kop in coming months, how much these changes help getting the team back on track cant be said. Whatever happens the support of the fans is going to be there, now that they have seen the golden sky at the end of the storm, they are awaiting the sweet silver song of lark…