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My mistakes

Where the life has brought me these days,
Searching for true friends in this endless maze,

Now thats pretty hard just like reading in the dark,
When you’ve had friends who were true to the mark,

And now It is becoming difficult to breathe everyday,
With the souls who were close are now so far away,

I wish I could go back to hearts which connected to mine,
With whom I enjoyed the time and drank some wine,

But that dream seems impossible to follow now,
Even if I do try hard, I cant figure out how,

Its hard to accept the mistakes I’ve made in my life,
and it doesn’t help at all that the fault was always mine,

With you guys my past may have been intrepid,
and without you my present seems so timid,

I am living this guilty life, and don’t know how I have the grit,
May be the thin ray of hope that says I can make it,

But I am ready to cling on to it as long as it takes,
Because I know that someday I will be able to make up for my mistakes…


My partner in crime…

Something I wrote last year, haven’t written anything since then, so I will start off with it to maintain continuity 😉

O sweet sleep,
why do you run away,
why dont you come,
and let us play.

Partners in crime,
together we will be,
to slay the dark night,
please come to me.

Only in your arms,
all the worries cease,
I can live my life,
and feel at peace.

Trust me, I wont betray,
for my love is pure,
and trust me when I say,
no one can love you more…