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My mistakes

Where the life has brought me these days,
Searching for true friends in this endless maze,

Now thats pretty hard just like reading in the dark,
When you’ve had friends who were true to the mark,

And now It is becoming difficult to breathe everyday,
With the souls who were close are now so far away,

I wish I could go back to hearts which connected to mine,
With whom I enjoyed the time and drank some wine,

But that dream seems impossible to follow now,
Even if I do try hard, I cant figure out how,

Its hard to accept the mistakes I’ve made in my life,
and it doesn’t help at all that the fault was always mine,

With you guys my past may have been intrepid,
and without you my present seems so timid,

I am living this guilty life, and don’t know how I have the grit,
May be the thin ray of hope that says I can make it,

But I am ready to cling on to it as long as it takes,
Because I know that someday I will be able to make up for my mistakes…


What to do on a weekend if you are living in Bangalore?

I have tried a lot of things to have a good time on a weekend in Bangalore, some of which are listed below. I cant go out on a weekend because of work so not including that as an option. Let me know if you have any better ideas!
So here are the options:
1. Watch stupid movies on the tele which you wont be able to survive.
2. Go out for dinner but all you can get it tasteless food at super high prices.
3. Go out to watch a movie(obviously at very high prices) just to come back home, disgusted with the fact that the level of movies has fallen to such depths that its a torture to survive them in a theater.
4. Download and watch some good movies which you have already watched at least a dozen time.
5. Go out with friends to a pub where you wont feel like enjoying because of atmosphere which resembles a funeral at all times and the music played is simply shit.
6. Spend the day(and night) playing AOE with your roommate on the WLAN, while drinking beer, listening to your favorite music and eating some tasty home cooked dish. May be some time to read something as well.

I mostly opt for option 4 or 6.
So, what will you do if you were in the same situation eh?

Stack-em-up before the laptop goes away!

So,  I will be switching job ‘again’ in September, Exactly 14 months after I joined Dell. What I am seeing as a potential problem is that I won’t have a laptop in the new company(still mulling over my options) at least for initial few months. Apart from the great pain caused to any one in the IT industry by being offline, It will also mean that I will not be able to download and watch movies during these dark months of my life(I know I am exaggerating but it is necessary!!!) like I have been doing for last five years. So, what is the solution? I am on a download spree this month to download as many movies as I can on my external drive before I return my laptop to Dell and hoping that they will be able to help me pass the next few months before I get a laptop from the company or I buy a new one.

The list is quite big with new additions every day. It is already a list of 75 movies 30 of which are done. The good thing is that I will be writing reviews for most of them right here on this blog, something which I wanted to do since a long time, mostly for my own future reference. 😉

My partner in crime…

Something I wrote last year, haven’t written anything since then, so I will start off with it to maintain continuity 😉

O sweet sleep,
why do you run away,
why dont you come,
and let us play.

Partners in crime,
together we will be,
to slay the dark night,
please come to me.

Only in your arms,
all the worries cease,
I can live my life,
and feel at peace.

Trust me, I wont betray,
for my love is pure,
and trust me when I say,
no one can love you more…