I have always been a big fan of animated movies, they have amazingly intriguing stories with characters which are created using vivid colours but still leave the viewers to construe them with their figment of imagination. Sometimes I feel they are better than actual movies because they make you think, they take you on a journey, a fairy tale which a real movie never can.
Now there are different kinds of animations these days, some try to be ultra realistic, some are very basic and some like Ratatouille are the ones which deliberately are meant to look like animation but still make it ‘feel’ real with the things that matter, the characters, the story and music.
The animation in Ratatouille is beautiful in the sense that it makes you believe in the characters. The expressions, the voice overs and the music to support emotions makes the animated rats and people come alive. The movie is about Remy, hero of the movie who happens to be a rat. You can instantly feel attached to it. The movie tells the story of Remy becoming the top chef of Paris from a simple rat with an extraordinary ability to smell and taste. He does not eat anything like the rest in his clan, he understands the importance of the taste! Luck takes him to one of the best restaurants in Paris, Gusteau’s who had just passed away. Remy gets a chance to cook with the help of Linguini, Gusteau’s unknown child with a sub plot of the new Chef planning to take over the restaurant for himself.
The movies is full of emotions, every kind of them, it amuses you at times, it makes you laugh, it makes you feel sad, it can even make you cry(a feel good cry not a sad one), but above all it leaves you awed…
There are two scenes in the movie which are just magical, one where Remy explains how to feel different tastes and the amazing feeling you can have when you mix different types of flavors, another one when the food critic, Ego, eats the Ratatouille prepared by Remy. The latter was so intense and influential that I nearly dropped a tear! lol
OK, I might be a lil bit biased for this movie because I love food so much, but this does not makes any difference, this is one of the best movies ever made which reminds us what movies were made for, entertainment. I am waiting for Pixar to come up with a new movie which can beat this!

Rating: God!!! its soooooo yummy outta 10!

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