This is one movie which always fascinates me. I have watched it countless times and it still feels fresh whenever I watch it. The movie is about a guy having short term memory loss who is trying to find the killer of his wife with tattoos and Polaroid photos to help him remember things.

The movie stands out for excellent narrative and unique editing. I must say that Dody Dorn as an editor has created a classic. The concept was very difficult and complex to handle and he manages to make it successful. The direction was pretty tight and the movie is always moving at a fast pace. This was the third movie from Christopher Nolan who went on to make a few very good movies after this one including Insomnia, Batman Begins, Prestige and DARK KNIGHT.
Although I rate Dark Knight as a top notch movie in itself but i can not rate this one any less than Dark Knight. This one should be used as an example in editorial and direction courses in film institutes. The characters are very well defined and disguised at the same time. Guy Pearce moves into the lead role pretty easily and naturally. The story is very intriguing and keeps you hooked onto the screen making even the blinking of eyes annoying.

The ending was amazing and shocking, I was not able to predict the ending at all until it hit me in my face! The tension, the complex story, and the reverse flow of the movie makes it what it is, a modern classic which can be said one of the best thrillers of the decade so far.


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