Dollars Trilogy preface

Dollars trilogy is a set of three spaghetti western movies released during 1960’s directed by Sergio Leone and Clint Eastwood as the lead in the role of The man with no name.
The movies are not related to each other in any way and all the three have different characters and story. But still they are considered as a trilogy only because of the characters played by Clint Eastwood in them. He plays different characters but the mannerisms, style, clothing etc are exactly the same in all three. ‘The Good, The Bad and The Ugly’ is the last movie in the set and is the most famous one.

Clint Eastwood as The man with no name brings to life a character which I always consider one of the greatest superheroes to ever appear in movies. You will have to see him to believe it. He is quick to draw as quick a snake will bite and he can shoot better than all the Olympic gold medalists, he is super cool even in the most terrifying situations, smokes cigarillos and smokes it in a way that it appears he is almost chewing it, he is laconic, speaking very rarely and very softly whenever he does.
Now I know I have been calling him a superhero thus far, but actually he played an anti-hero sort of role in all three movies. He is not a typical all good cowboy like in the other western movies, he will shoot first if required, he will kill men without flinching an eyebrow if he thinks he needs to do so and above all he is out there to earn money not for social service. But he does care about people in trouble and usually ends up helping them while earning the dollars.
Whatever Clint Eastwood does seems grand! The man has got amazing looks to go with an excellent voice and piercing eyes. He truly is the most stylish hero Hollywood has seen thus far.

Now about the ‘No Name’ part, He is called Joe, Monco and Blondie in the three movies respectively. But these are all nicknames given by some other character given to him in all the three movies. All the three names are very common nicknames. Eastwood never reveals his name in any of the movie himself. In The Good The Bad and The Ugly there is a scene where an army man asks him for his name while he was enlisting in the army but he is reluctant to answer and the scene is shifted to something else. So even though there is a nickname given to his character in the trilogy that is not his actual name and thus he is a Man with no name. 🙂

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