Fantastic Mr. Fox

Came across this little beauty during my current “stock-em-up before the laptop goes away” campaign. Its a stop motion animation and was something new to me. Stop motion is not as glossy as the Pixar or Disney animations but it has its own charm.
This is a story about the struggle of a fox with the family life and his craving to go back to his ‘wild animal’ days of raiding farms for livestock while singing Born to be wild. The story takes a turn when he tries to relive his old life and causes problems for a whole bunch of animals who blame him for putting them in trouble. Now he has to deal with the big problems in form of three villainous farmers while also dealing with his son’s insecurities, scoldings of his wife and a whole lot of other obstacles on the side.
The premise lies in the question that how would he defeat all this like a true hero that he is and come out on the top.
It has a very good script which is executed equally well. It is a fun comedy throughout and references western movies and thrillers in a big way!
Seeing the references of westerns took me by surprise, although it worked like a charm.
I would recommend this for a nice light watch for pure entertainment.
7.5/10 for me!

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